About Us

Our History

Since 2008 stevencamilleri.com has been synonymous with excellent online solutions. Our aim is to build sites using the latest technologies, ones that ensure that rank well within search engines such as google. Web solutions that are interactive and add an interesting and captivating element that pushes the name of your business forward. Solutions that can play nice with the latest social media and trends. In other words stevencamilleri.com has for almost a decade delivered solutions for tens of clients, and they keep coming back.

Our Process

Our process is designed and optimised for small and medium enterprises (SME). The procedures followed have been optimised and moulded through our experience and has always managed to ensure client satisfaction. Contact us to discuss your needs and how we can be of help.

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The first step is to understand your aims and objectives and make sure that we can align our process with your requirements.
Design and Develop
We kick off the development process through the design stage, to make sure that the project will be to your liking, then we build it using the latest code technologies.
After we release the website we still take care of your website and make sure that it is 100% available with all the required security updates installed.
A Holistic Approach
What We Can Offer

Social Media

We do not only love social media but we love what social media can do to your business. From startups to well established organisations, the power of Facebook etc is indeed immense. Setup an appointment with us to show you what social media can really do for you.


SEO stands for Search Engine Optimisation and this stands for you being visible in the top spot on Google, Bing and Yahoo. We focus in particular on getting you scored extremely highly on Google in order to ensure that your business gets constant and very relevant leads.

Web Design

Your online presence should always start off with a really good site, one that is able to show your products as well as your values. We use open source technologies in order to build sites that stand the test of time, and when we are talking about the internet that means something.