Information Systems Development

Data driven information systems that bring business intelligence

The business intelligence that a well developed information system can provide your organisation is what you need in order to take informed decisions. Our dashboards are all customised to what your business requires. Moreover these systems can connect with your other services to help you automate different tasks. 

Our process

The development of an information system normally takes between three to six months and requires a number of meetings with all of the different users and stakeholders involved with the development. The process we undertake is vey agile in nature and you will be able to track the progress all along.


  1. Initial meeting to identify high level use cases
  2. Modeling of system and refinement of use cases
  3. identification of priority areas
  4. Design of UI of dashboard
  5. Develop
  6. Testing
  7. Staggered release
  8. Support

Your investment

Accurate pricing of an information requires a good understanding of the business requirements and varies considerably.

    Some of our web clients

    For Royalty we built an Ecommerce website using WordPress that delivers both sales and increases traffic to the store. 

    MedSea required a website to promote their services to the world of shipping. We delivered and keep the site updated.