Mobile App Development

We create apps when apps are truly an answer 

Do not fall for buzzwords. We love apps and participated in the development and release of some of the most successful apps here in Malta with such apps being on the top 10 lists. Let us guide you through all of the both app stores and get your app on your clients smartphones.

Our process

We have developer accounts that allow us to submit your apps to both the Google Play store and Apple’s App Store.

  1. Discuss business requirements to identify the suitability for a mobile app
  2. Create UI screens 
  3. Study UX performance
  4. Develop the app
  5. Submit and go through approval process
  6. Release and monitor

Your investment

There are a lot of conditions that can affect the pricing of mobile apps, such as whether you are going to use native languages or frameworks that can support one code base for different devices. We can explain all of your options in the initial consultation meeting. 

    Some of our clients

    PJ Gyspum is a well-known player in home finishing with considerable expertise in gypsum. We built the site and maintain it. 

    Dexter Removals have a strong network and are a household name when it comes to transport. They approached us to build their website.