Social Media

Social media is the new cool

It all starts with a strategy, one that, together with you and your team we will design campaigns with your target market and business goals in mind. Our services go around the design, implementation and follow through, so that we can return back stronger than ever.

Link here, there, everywhere

For us social media is not just Facebook. It is way more than that. Today there are hundreds of different networks and it makes a lot of sense to be on the right ones, sometimes that might involve a multi channel approach, some other times the good old Facebook might suffice.

Let us demystify all this social media jargon and help you get closer to your clients. Control your spending and reap the rewards with our support.

not just social media
What We Can Offer


Rejoice! Print is not dead. On the contrary it couldn’t be more alive. We can design your adverts and have them displayed on billboards, buses, magazines, flyers, and so many other places. Combine the power of online and offline marketing to ensure that you properly reach your audience.


SEO stands for Search Engine Optimisation and this stands for you being visible in the top spot on Google, Bing and Yahoo. We focus in particular on getting you scored extremely highly on Google in order to ensure that your business gets constant and very relevant leads.

Web Design

Your online presence should always start off with a really good site, one that is able to show your products as well as your values. We use open source technologies in order to build sites that stand the test of time, and when we are talking about the internet that means something.