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The Secrets & Pleasures of Single Malt Whisky Event

The Secrets & Pleasures of Single Malt Whisky Event

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Organised by M. Demajo (Wines & Spirits) Ltd., the event took guests on a single malt experience in the space of one evening, through three different rooms at the Intercontinental. The guests were treated to a lecture by Ewan Gunn, one which invited discussion about the process, the flavours and the nature of single malts. Dining in the second room, guests were then led into the third – a space that allowed them to go on a journey of flavour through 6 different single malts. Starting with the softest then gaining momentum, they experienced each one under Ewan’s professional guidance.
Ewan explains, so the way we react to a blend depends on the kind of emotions it summons. Even the way it is taken depends on the subjective preference – “there is no wrong way to drink whisky.” In his case, Ewan prefers adding “a splash of water because it opens up the true whisky, making the flavours more pronounced.” When it comes to food, there are so many “weird and wonderful ways” to enjoy it. Oysters with the single malt Talisker or crème brûlée with Dalwhinnie served ice cold from the freezer.

There are no rules, except, Ewan says, “to experiment, and try as many of the single malt blends” – start with Cardhu or Dalwhinnie which are more accessible blends and “raise the bar” with each new single malt experience.


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